Field not recognized on my GraphQL query?

Hi there,

I don't understand why the field "shortenTitle" is not recognized in my GraphQL query, can you give my an hint?

Proof that the field does exist in my slice:

Is it a cache problem or something? If so, how do I clear it?

Hi Lucien,

Can you:

  1. Check the exact API ID of this field in your Custom Type?
  2. Make sure you have Published the document above and that it's not saved as a draft?


Hi Phil,

The document is 100% published. Regarding the API ID (it's already pushed obviously):

It's weird that all the fields are recognized except this one

Can you give me the URL of your repo so I can test this on my side?

Here it is:

OK, I was able to recreate your issue and it seems related to the issue described below. So this is a known issue, but the team isn't working on it at the minute, although it is a priority for when we update the GraphQL API.

In the meantime, you should use snake_case for this field instead.

I've added your information to the issue tracker and we'll update everyone in that other thread once this has been resolved.


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