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First of all, hope this topic doesn't exist yet and it's not duplicate!

Going to the point, I just realised that any files/images that are uploaded to Media and then listed in the frontend, come with this "weird" prefix on their names:


So the uploaded file name is {file-name}.pdf however when calling it in the frontend to be downloaded, the file name is 64f54bc5-b232-44fa-85a6-adedabdabe6f_{file-name}.pdf

I'm just trying to understand what this is and if there's something I can do to avoid this, as I have a download sort of system on my website and it's a bit "bad" to have this prefix on the file name (mainly for the end user who will download the files) =/

Thanks in advance!

Hi Pedro,

Thanks for reaching out.

I've checked the URL generated by Prismic for Images, for example, and here is how it looks like for me:

Where the difference from what you have described is that the {name_of_the_website} is not repeated twice.

If I understand, correctly your question is that looking to have the file name separated from the auto-generated Image prefix such as 64f54bc5-b232-44fa-85a6-adedabdabe6f

Ok, for that, I will reach out to our production team to see what is the reason behind this choice.


I've gathered some information, and Prismic is used as a CDN for assets by many services. Then, the image URL should be unique, so we prefix assets with "64f54bc5-b232-44fa-85a6-adedabdabe6f" to avoid conflicts.

Hi Fares,

Yeah, I thought that could be the case and that probably nothing could be done to avoid or remove that. But it makes total sense!


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