Fulltext Predicates with just a part of a word

Hello guys,

I would like to be able to male a search field to find an item over 2600 and i can have strange names.

I need to have a response when the user type "gat" that could find anything that has "gat" in the field and not "gat" as a word.
For exemple if we have a list of items like this :

  • Gate
  • Gat
  • Item
  • Open gate

and if i perform a query like this. :
const items = await Client().query(Prismic.Predicates.fulltext('my.type.name', 'gat'))

I get in response Gate, Gat, and Open gate

I hope i'm clear but for now Prismic i too limited to perform a search engin in your site

Hello @augustin.v71100

Thanks for posting to us.

Unfortunately, the Fulltext search functionality only works with exact full word matches, so at the moment, it is not possible to search for partial words.

If you need a more robust search, then at the moment, we recommend using a service like Algolia to build that functionality.

Let me know if you have further questions.


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