Why fulltext search is doing partial search too?

I have implemented fulltext search on my articles but it is returning weird results.
For example If I am searching for diabetes its returning articles those are having word diabetics in the title too.

below is the code I have

const filterdArticlesByTitle = await client.get({
        predicates: prismic.filter.fulltext("my.article.title", "diabetes"),
      console.log('filterdArticlesByTitle', filterdArticlesByTitle.results);

Any help is much appreciated

Hi @sfurquan. This is the expected behavior of fulltext. It will return results based on the root word, not an exact match.

Here are the docs for the fulltext filter.

If you need it to be an exact match, I would leave the query as it is, then loop through the results and filter out the articles that don't have an exact match.