Getting Srcset from Shopify Image using integration fields?

Hi! Is it possible to get a Srcset instead of just a src to the image when using Integration Fields? Maybe I missed something, but I haven't seen this yet. I am using Prismic V3 btw since V4 doesn't work yet in combination with the gatsby-source-shopify plugin.

Hi Dennis,

This is the first time I've seen this question, to be honest. My initial thought though is whether this is possible with the Shopify API or not. Can you see the Srcset attributes returned in your Shopify API?

If you can send me that then I can look into this further with you.


Ah, I see the 'problem' now. The Srcset is only available when querying the GatsbyImageData through the Shopify API. With Integration Fields I do not have the option to use GatsbyImageData. Maybe this is because I am still on Prismic V3, instead of V4? Or is using GatsbyImage not possible in combination with Integration Fields?

Prismic V4 is still not compatible with the Gatsby Source Shopify plugin, so for this reason I am on v3

When you say Primsic V4, do you mean @prismic/client?

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