Gifs are not working inside a rich text field


Inserting gifs inside a rich text field is not working.

  1. Upload a gif
  2. Select the gif you just uploaded
  3. You can see the GIF been reproduced inside the rich text field
  4. Save and publish
  5. Close and open the document again
  6. Gifs are gone, no longer inside the rich text field but still uploaded

If you need more details, please ask <3

Thank you for your amazing job.

Hello Christian,

Welcome to the community. Can you please give me more detail, sharing a video of this issue would be really helpful.


For sure!

Hope this helps.

Hello Christian,

Thanks for sharing a video with us. I was out so couldn't respond to you. This is happening because you are uploading a gif in the list so it's not being saved. Can you please upload it after the list? It will work.
Although, this behaviour should not happen so I'm going to aware my development team about this issue.


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