Global Slices? Global colors and font?

I'm looking for advise on how to streamline working in Prismic.

Is there anyway to set up global slices that shows up in every custom type without having to manually add them in?

I'm also looking for any advise on setting up global colors and/or fonts for a slice so that it changes over the entire site and not just on the one slice.

Using GatsbyJS.

Thankful for any advice on this!

I'm pretty sure the closest you can get is to use the Slice Library

  1. Hover over a slice you want to save and click Add slice to library


  2. Click Add a slice, then Use an existing slice in the popup:


Hi @dagsverket,

You should check out Slicemachine. We've just implemented Shared Slices in the latest release and this gives the functionality that you require.

The only issue here being that it's not available for Gatsby. Though if you're using React, it is available using Next.js, which we highly recommend.


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