Got email, about exceeding bandwidth usage, can someone help me to understand how

I received an email that my project is about to exceed the allocated bandwidth usage limits. I do not have any clue how the bandwidth usage is calculated.

I need to understand what is causing so much bandwidth usage for my application. I look forward to your response

Hey @harrisonifeanyichukw, you can see your monthly bandwidth consumption details on your repository's Settings > Usage Dashboard. Usually, overage consumption happens when you make many calls to retrieve content with heavy media assets, like videos or large images.

hello @Pau, I have no large images, or videos, and if there are any, i would to know what they are.

The usage dashboard shows me no information on the assets that are causing the high bandwidth, where can i see the images, or videos that are very high, i would need to remove them.

Please let me know how best to get a detailed information on the files

hello @Pau, I am looking forward to your response.

We can share a list of the most used media items. We need a timestamp and the URL of your repository. Then I can send you this list in a dm.

hi @Pau , how do i provide this to you, as i would not want to provide the url of my repository in this public channel.

Can i send this over via email or something?

I just sent you a private message here. You can see it in your inbox :wink: