Handling videos and audio

Feature Idea (one per thread):

  • I often miss the ability to compress uploaded videos and audio, because my clients don't know much about this. I assume this is not something you want to add directly in Prismic, but maybe you could consider a collaboration with someone like Transloadit or Cloudinary, so something could be marked for compression, or at least the developer could force media types to be compressed. Also serving these media files from a CDN would be great.

Issue that it solves:

  • Better client experience, no need for external compression tools. Faster websites.

Screenshot or video of the issue (if applicable):

Thanks for sharing your ideas, @MichaelVestergaard.

For the moment, we recommend you compress video files before uploading them to your repository. We have a similar conversation about this here:

I understand - but end users often don't know how to compress videos. And I can rarely use Youtube etc. for these custom websites. My clients use videos for fullscreen backgrounds, project thumbnails etc. so adding Youtube/Vimeo etc. is just not an option.

That's very true. It's might not be an option for all users. But it could be an alternative if it's imperative to have that exact format.