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I cant seem to add another text & image block to our homepage it crashes the site. Help is urgently needed!


Hi Cameron,

Thanks for reaching out.

Would you please share a screen recording or at least a screenshot of the issue you are having, along with any errors in the UI or in your browser console?

Also, it would be helpful you have your repository name (you can share it in a private message if necessary).

Note: If you mean that your website is crashing when adding some content in the Writing Room (Prismic UI), then it might be that you are not handling the content correctly in your project code.

Looking forward to your reply,

Hi there,

This Is Megan from Inspire Dialogue Foundation

I have added below our website, Prismic URL and a screen recoding of the problem.


Vidyard Recording?

You can email me back personally at megansherlock2@live.co.uk

Thanks for your help.

Hi Megan,

Thanks for sharing that information, the screen recording that you have shared with us doesn't work, can you fix that?
You can use a platform like Loom to record and share.

Looking forward to your reply,

Hi Fares,

My apologies.

The issue is with text and image block. When uploading a new text & image block it crashes the website.


Hello @cameron.taylor. Fares, it's out of the office, so I'll be helping you today instead.

Could you please re-post the screen recording of the problem once more?
It seems like it wasn't appropriately embedded.

Do you have access to the code of your project?
Maybe this is related to an error in the front-end.

Hello @cameron.taylor,

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Vidyard Recording?

Shared the screen record. As mentioned above the issue is with upload new text/image blocks they crash the page. I have spoken to our developer and they have said its not a code issue but something wrong with prismic. This is urgent as we can't upload any new content to the website.

Please assist

I see. This is probably happening because of how the site is deployed and also related to the preview configuration.

I didn't see the Prismic toolbar on your site. Did you open a preview session, and are previews configured on your project? This is how you'll be able to preview draft changes.

Also, if you publish that change, your project would need to have automatic builds with Webhooks configured so that the content can be automatically updated.

You'll need to ask the developer in charge to make these changes for you.

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