How to search for a specific page

How does the search-bar work in the repository? If I put a specific word in the search bar it gives me also pages that not even have the words I searched in the name. I don´t understand the logic. Are there some symbols I can use to have more specific results?
Thank you!

Hello @daniela.carducci, To properly search your document. I’d recommend having a look at this article.

As every search system, our search bar also has a fuzzy search that can find work having the same root as the one that you’re looking for, that’s why sometimes you can find articles without the words that you’re looking for but with the same root.

You might also want to have a look at the language of the documents that you’re searching for/writing. This fuzzy search varies depending on the language. Your content might not be indexed in the proper language because of your configuration.

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Hi renaud! Thanks for the answer! :slight_smile:
I understand. It make sense, given the results I got. So, in the case I want to search for specific words only in the document name (in my case they are urls) I cannot use “”" or something else to narrow it down?

No it’s not possible at the moment. I will track that as a feature request.