Improve internal search to better prioritise pages

Feature Idea (one per thread):

Improve the search bar inside the prismic project to make it much friendlier for users searching for specific pages

Issue that it solves:

Currently, if the user searches for a specific term, there seems to be no weighting in the search to bring the most relevant pages to the top, relying on users to know the correct document category and go searching for the right page

In the screenshot below, the page with 'contact' in the title, URL, type, and throughout the page content should be the highest priority. The search results seem to be returned in last-edit order, and as long as the search term is present there's no other ordering for the pages (as far as I can tell) - not a great experience for a search bar, especially when there are lots of pages with the same search term.

Expected result

When searching for a term like "contact" the contact page should be returned first.
If the user wishes to order by last-edit-first then that should be their choice, not forced (forcing sort by update order is actually a wider problem across prismic in general).

Screenshot or video of the issue (if applicable):


Hello Dan,

Thanks for giving the feedback, It's valuable for us.

We know that our search bar has a fuzzy search. I will track that as a feature request but this is not something in our current plan.

To properly search your document. I’d recommend having a look at this article:


Hi Priyanka,

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, even following that document the search doesn't work as expected.

The document you link shows a user searching for a specific document title, and that exact document appearing without any other parameters being set.

This is simply not how the search works in my experience working with real content (as shown in my image above). The UI is also entirely different in that example, so maybe this was recorded in a beta version of the app or something, but as it stands the search is not working as expected - therefore I would consider this a bug rather than a feature request.

Fuzzy search isn't an issue where results are still prioritised. The problem I'm finding is that results are so hit-and-miss, even when I search for exact terms, that I simply can't use the search bar to find documents.

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Hello Dan,

I would really like to see this too, and we are tracking this as a feature request. We are aware that the search is in need of improvements. We are exploring options of how we could improve it in the future, but it’s not something that is in our immediate roadmap.

There’s another options to help find a document:

You could use the edit button on your live website to take you directly to the page you want to edit.

I hope you find it well.



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