Improvements to the search bar functionalities (in the Documents menu): Can this feature take into account the document Prismic Identifier rather than the data contained in the whole doc

Feature Idea:
We work with hundreds if not thousands of documents daily, and use the search options in the documents menu a lot. Unfortunately, the search bar is currently quite inefficient, as it doesn't recognise the words typed in terms of "name of the document" or UID, but rather, shows you ALL the documents that contain these words that are being searched for. In our case, it means that the search bar is almost irrelevant, and we are having to use the tags, and skim through a lot of documents. It would help us so much to have the most relevant results (for example if the words searched for are actually in the document title) at the top.

Issue that it solves:
Better Prismic UX, faster to find things, edit, build

Thank you :smiling_face:

Hey team! we are fully aware that our Search functionality needs some love, we have similar open feature requests, like this one:

We don't have any plans to modify this in the near future. We recommend users to use all the available tools to improve the experience for sorting and finding docs: