🌴 ICYMI: Page Builder, Academy, Next 13 App Router, Nuxt 3, and more! - Summer 2023

:palm_tree: Hey Prismic people!

As the Summer season begins and temps are getting warmer (or colder for those in the other hemisphere!), we’re excited to have all of you, new and experienced, as a part of our growing community.

As a refresher for everyone, we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight some of our recent achievements, releases, and content published. If you feared you missed out on anything, it’s likely down here :point_down:

:control_knobs: Page Builder

In June we unveiled one of the biggest projects we’ve been working on lately: our revamped Page Builder!

Taking advantage of the slice approach we used to build Prismic websites, we rethought the experience of creating content, making it more modern, visual, and interactive.

Learn more about it and how to join the waitlist on the announcement blog post →

:card_index_dividers: Next 13 app router support

You were waiting for it, and as Next 13 app router was announced stable in May, we also released comprehensive and first-class support for it!

Have a look at this video tutorial to discover what the experience looks like with Prismic →
Or in case you prefer blog posts, here’s the companion alternative to the above →

New to Prismic? We also just launched Prismic Academy, a place where you can learn how to build your first website with Prismic and Next.js →

:mountain_snow: Nuxt 3 official support

Likewise, if you’re team green, I mean Vue.js, we also released full support for Nuxt 3, including:

:card_file_box: @nuxtjs/prismic getting released out of RC as stable
:books: Dedicated documentation for Nuxt 3
:rocket: Starters for Nuxt now being on version 3 by default

If you’d like to learn more on how to get started with Nuxt 3 and Prismic, check out this video tutorial →
Likewise, we have a blog post alternative if you prefer this kind of format →

:sparkles: And more!

Of course, that’s not all, so here are some extra releases we’re proud of:

:hocho: Slice Machine 1.5.0 was released with lots of UI improvement →
:fire: Gatsby Prismic v6 was introduced, simplifying the plugin and improving performances →
:video_camera: New videos on internationalization, SEO, fonts, and more →

What are you looking forward to achieving this Summer?
We can’t wait to hear from all of you!

Cheers, Lucie~
Developer Experience Engineer

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