ICYMI: PRISMIC SHORTS! Short-form videos from our DevX team

Hey all!

As fellow developers, we know how fast things are moving and how little time there is to keep on top of new topics. We also know how important it is to have sources of inspiration to keep us motivated and on track.

That's why we’ve been producing and sharing a new series of short videos focused on software development and Prismic. Each video is under one minute long and is packed with insightful tactics, coding tips, and quick overviews of hot topics.

Some of the videos you’ll find on our Youtube page include: the following.

From @vadim.smirnov on the DevX team:

Best way to manage fonts! (Next.js 13)

From @alex.trost on the DevX team:

There's more to border radius than you think!

The whole video series is available on our YouTube page and we're launching new videos constantly .

So, take a look and come back here to let us know what you think or what videos you’d like to see us cover next!