Image missing replace by a number

Hi I have a problem with images uploading. Sometimes the picture uploads but when I see it in the "View full size image" there's a number instead of the image like here:,format. After that I cannot querry it on my Gatsby application. Seems to be on the compression side, as when i remove the "auto=compress,format" parameters I can see it again. Thank you.

Hi Team,

Welcome to the community! I'll be happy to help you debug this.

Can you tell me if this is an animated png?


No it's not an animated png. The photos are loaded in the sliders repeater, sometimes it works sometimes it dosen't, Usually I have to reload the image again to make it work.

It seems to be something about the image formatting that our imgix server doesn't like and that's why it's being returned as a 422. There's some information here on how to test exactly what is wrong:
HTTP Status codes – Help Center.

Are you doing any compression or formatting on the image before uploading?

Hello and thank you for your response, I will look into it.
There's probably some images processing done before the upload indeed

Thank you

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Processing before like this can cause issues with the imgix server as it does this for you. It's this double compression that usually leads to problems.

I see, I'll look with the designer how the images were processed
Thank you

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