Import Document via URL / API

i was wondering if there is any possibility to use the import feature not only via manually triggering the import, instead having an api which offers the same solution. It is really frustrating to have to do this imports always by hand instead of doing it via code.

Usecase is:

We prepare content for our editors which they should see if they start writing. So we import new content for our content types via the import file, including the prepared information.
Currently we always have to import the prepared data manually via the import functionallity.
But as we thrive to automatize where ever it is possible, we would search a solution to avoid the manual step.

Is there any other solution?

Hi @alexander.bobrowski,

Have you tied to use the Integration fields write API feature? I think this might respond to your need to have an easy yet organized way to update content dynamically.

Note that Prismic purposely didn't open a full write API and learn more about our ideology please check this thread.

Please let us know if you need any further help,