Import from Oracle Right Now to Prismic


I was wondering if there is any support or tools in order to migrate contents(articles, products, categories - Oracle specific) from Oracle Right Now to Prismic?

Thanks in advance!

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Unfortunately, We don't have any official tools that support that, but one way to do this is to create a script to transform the data you export from Oracle Right Now to Prismic compatible data and then use the Import/export feature to upload the data to Prismic.

Note that Import/Export feature is available to Medium and above plans.

You can also if the community has something already implemented in this regard.


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Hello @Fares,

thanks for the quick reply!
I searched the internet for something similar and could not find anything on this subject. So, I started writing an "importer".

Unfortunately, I could not find anything on oracle when searching in the community.

I was wondering if there is an option in Prismic, for a given custom type, to export a "full" JSON; i.e.: a JSON containing all the possible combinations that can be performed? I know there is the option of creating instances for a given custom type and then exporting it and afterwards checking the JSON, but I would leave this option as a last resort as it requires extensive time resources.



I've sent a request to our dev team to check if we can provide such a schema.

I will let you know in case of any updates.

Here is how you can do it

You need to build your Custom Types in Prismic, create & publish at least one document of each type that is completely filled in, then run the export.

The exported files will be the model that you need to use for your import.

Hey Fares,

This is the 'hard' way.
I thought there is an easier way to do this...If I have 50 custom types in my repo, then there will be a lot of work...

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I've checked with my team and it seems the only way possible that we can think of, Hopefully someone from the community can share a better solution.


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