Import data From Webflow

He there,

Do you have tips for Import data from Webflow into a repo ?

The client was on Webflow, now on NextJS & Prismic.
We can export all datas, and they have a big Blog.

The design it's not the same & it's the first time for me, so I search documentation / tips for Export/Import ( Webflow to Prismic )

Thanks for your time

Hello @agence-me, Currently, we do not have a guide or tool to migrate from another CMS to Prismic.
Import / Export would be the only option. You'd need to perform a lot of work manually.

Here's the Import JSON Technical Reference

Thanks for the ask @Pau

It's possible to have any logs ?
When I try to import json, there are just a "100%"
I don't know if it's work or not, I can't know if there is a bug in my house or in yours.

Other things, when I drag & drop I can add the .json, but when I try to upload when I click, I can't chose the .json, why ?
What is the good extension ? When I export the repo it's a .json...

You can see the logs in your import if it throws an error. If it returns a 200 response, everything should be good and added to a brand-new release.

For import, you need to upload a zip file. Please refer to our import documentation to learn more:

Ok I hava found the doc who I need : Import/Export - Documentation - Prismic

Now I want to understand why I have this, It's green & Ok everywhere, but when I click on import, I have an error. And When I click on a page '***.json" no error was indicate.

Please, with your bot I can't contact you directly, I need your help

Hello @agence-me, I've sent you a direct message.
Can you please send us a screenshot of what you see in the error notification, what happens if you hover over the error?

Also, can you see anything appearing in the browser console?

Hy @Pau

The error is "Unable to"

Nothing in the console

Ok I hava found this topic : Importing a file is giving an error, but the error details is not coming up - #29 by Fares

So I have the error on the DOM, you need to fix it, it's a big bug

"Unable to compute image dims for view View((None,sticker_1.svg,None,None),None,None,None,None,(None,None),None,None,None)."

Could you share the URL of your repository and the zip file of the import job? We'd like to reproduce the error on our end.