Integration Fields and Environment Migration

How do integration fields work with environment migration? In our develop environment, we added a new integration field and have a Lambda function pushing data to it. I went ahead and refreshed our staging environment with our develop environment and now Staging has that integration field, but I can't edit or delete it. Everything is unclickable when I hover over that field.

Does this mean that my custom types that use this integration field in Staging are pulling that integration field's content from my Develop repo?

This seems a bit odd if it's the case, to have a single repo pulling integration field content from a completely different repo...

Hello @tannerjuby1

I apologize for being delayed in the response. I am looking into this for you and will come back to you asap.


Hi @tannerjuby1, you should find answers and guidance for this question in this post: How to configure a different Integration Field endpoint in a Prismic development environment

Let us know if you have any follow-up question around this topic.