"Invalid id: No special characters allowed" when creating a new custom type


When creating a new custom type, "Custom Type ID" doesn't seem to want to allow underscores. When creating this object through the website, underscores are fine, and when I manually edit my local customTypes json file, it allows underscores.

Is Slice Machine limitation a bug?


Hello @kevinf

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Could you please send me some screenshots or screen recordings?


Hi @Priyanka ,

No problem, here's a screen shot.

On this topic (and this isn't a huge issue), when you enter in a value, it will auto-capitalize the string. It would be better if that decision were up to the user (or maybe a setting?).

The last little suggestion would be to have an option for "repeat": false when adding groups.

For all 3 topics here, I usually go into the generated custom types .json files and make these modifications manually.

Aside from these, Slice Machine is very helpful!


Hello @kevinf

Thanks for your valuable feedback and for pointing out these issues to us.

Indeed, you can not give a special character in the API ID in the Slice Builder but can modify model.json and custom types.json files and push those changes to Prismic builder. The team is aware of these issues. I don't have any ETA when they implement these improvements.