Inventory of synced Shopify Products

Hey all,

I am close to launching a new Prismic site with Shopify and the client is expecting to sell out the initial inventory within a week. As the Prismic and Shopify sync is only happening approx. every 30 mins, this could be a real dealbreaker. Are there any updates on your ends regarding this?

Or is it a safe bet to query the Shopify Storefront API separately (I need to do this anyway because of accounts, creating the cart and so on) and hook up the "real time" inventory to the variant id? Just to make sure? What are your thoughts on this?

Hey Christian!

You could build something on top of your Shopify endpoint, but it'll be unrelated to Prismic, so it'll depend on your needs.

There is only one connector for Shopify at it syncs about every 30 minutes, as you said.

And there are 2 different connectors for Custom APIs. One that automatically syncs every 30 minutes and the one that uses the write API..

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