Is there any outage observed at prismic end on saturday 16th Oct 2021?


We have query about prismic API downtime.

Is there any downtime at prismic API on Saturday 16th Oct 2021?


Hi Nikita,

We've had no reported outages recently, you can check our status page for information like this:

If you provide me with your repository URL I'll be happy to check the logs specific to your repo.


Hi Phil,

Repository link -

Please show me if you found any informative logs.


Hi again,

I checked all our logs for your repository and there were no issues reported on our side. This would suggest a build error or malformed query on your application's side. If you can show me the exact error you saw or some build logs from your production server I can try and debug this with you :slight_smile:


Hi Phil,

We have received faulted and cancelled status for API call on 16th Oct 2021.

Few requests as below:



Do you have any build error logs?

We have few records in application insights from our side, which says "The SSL connection could not be established, see inner exception."

Our DevOps Team checked our logs and didn't see any errors either. Since you have an error to establish the SSL connection, can you check on your side if there were any changes? Our certificates haven't changed during this time.

If you want to check: