Received faulted and canceled status for Prismic API call

From 20th February, in between, we have received faulted and canceled status for Prismic API calls.

Attached is a screenshot for API calls:-

Also, we observed that a few images are failing to load from prismic at 11:37 AM IST on 21st February.

Please can you let us know if there is any issue or incident going on?


Hello Nikita. Thanks for reaching out. I'll need some more information about your case so we can investigate further. Can you provide us with the following info?

  • The URL of your repository
  • Which tool are you using to detect these stats?
  • All the timestamps you have of the errors and any additional screenshots as well if possible


URL of the repository -
A tool we are using -Azure Application Insights.

I will give you today's example:
Today - 24th Feb 2022 from 12:37 AM IST, there are some logs added in our application insights related to images not loaded properly.

Also we received faulted status code at same time.

Please let me know if any other things are needed for the investigation.


Hello, thanks for the information. We'd like to know the following details:

  • What's the meaning of faulty in this case?
  • Do you have a log at the application level?
  • We see a 33sec duration on the screenshots; are you only having issues with prismic calls or are there calls to other services and if yes, do they have failing calls?

Can you please check from your end, if there are any issues going on?

We have only this information which i already shared.

We can't detect any issue on your repo. The percentiles on /api & /api/v2 calls from 19/02 are good. That's why we needed additional info.