Issue with mouse focus on repeatable fields

We’re having an issue with the screens which makes editing content a bit painful.

We’re starting to use some repeatable fields to implements carousels and in some cases we can’t move the focus on the fields using the mouse.

For exemple this custom type :

When we click on the « sous-titre » or « texte » fields with the mouse they don’t get the focus so we have to navigate with the keyboard.

Selecting parts of the content with the mouse to format them don’t work either, so again we need to use the keyboard.

We’ve tested it on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

It seem it could be caused by the drag & drop that can be used to reorder the components.

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Hey @julien, i’m answering back in public just to inform you that i was able to replicate this issue and i’ve passed it to the tech team so they can take it asap from their backlog.

Thank you for reaching out to us, and if there’s anything you need, let us know!