Issue with Prismic Content Editor treating deleted slugs as "reserved/in-use."

Hey, Prismic People!

I've run into a curious issue publishing pages via the Content Editor.

Say I have a page named "About," with a uid/slug titled "About." One day, I decide to delete the page, completely destroyed, gone from my Editor.

Later on, I decide I want to build a new page, and use the "About" UID and slug. However, Prismic Editor tells me that "About" is already in use, and cannot be assigned to my new page.

Now, I have to do something like "/about1" instead of "/about."

Is there a best practice for ensuring a page is deleted completely and that references aren't stored anywhere? I deleted the page via my Content Editor, but for all I know, it's still referenced in a model somewhere.

Hey @harry.mardirossian13, you can use this method to unlock UIDs in previously created documents:

Hi @Pau , looks like you've hit the nail on the head. I do have a follow-up question. As you suggested, I used the query to track down the page. Out of curiosity, is there anywhere in the Editor where this information might be reflected? Or is it strictly visible through the query API?

Yes, you can use the search bar. This option can throw various results if, for example, you have text or titles that also include the text of the UID. Also, it can be difficult to find it if the document has changed its UID many times, and you have a lot of documents of that same Cystom Type in the archive. But you can definitely use it.

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