Just some feedback

I have just joined a team that has been using Prismic for some basic content on their website, you know the type of thing a page here and an image here there and everywhere. So they have invested a few hundred hours into the configuration and content and some more in the code that accesses the content.

At this time I've basically caused a **** storm by asking one rather simple question

  What is the result of the loss of prismic?

Prismic does not seem to have a published DR statement and no one on has any form of backup of the underlying data held in prismic.

As these are really issues for prismic to address the team so far has only come up with one answer - "we could use an alternative".

Hello team

As stated in our Security page, in the Data protection section:

Prismic ensures backups through snapshots and retains them on a pre-established rule set in Amazon S3 buckets (Amazon's highly available cloud storage). Backups are used to restore a customer’s content Repository in the case of multiple disk failures or total data center loss. Amazon S3 repositories are distributed amongst multiple Availability Zones (datacenters) and multiple devices within each Availability Zone for redundancy. From here, Prismic is able to perform granular level recovery.

Customer backups

Customers are free to comply with additional backup requirements beyond what Prismic provides by using the Export module (starting from the medium plan) or by querying their Repository API endpoint.

You can back up all of your content stored on your Prismic repository by querying all of the documents exposed by the API. Note that this will not fetch drafts, archived documents, or assets that are not linked to a document.

And to backup Custom types, the best practice is to keep a copy of the custom type in your codebase as it's reflected there in the code. You can read more about that here:

If you have accidentally deleted a custom type, you can retrieve it: