Content Backups

What is the recommended practice, or best current solution, to take backups / snapshots of the content within prismic?

e.g. is there a facility where we can take snapshot of our content and content structures, and download this for offsite storage?


At the moment there is no automated backups for custom types. But this doesn’t mean you cannot do a self backup:

You can simply backup all of your content stored on your Prismic repository by querying all of the documents exposed by the API. Note that this will not fetch drafts, archived documents, custom types or assets not linked to a document. This process is described here: Query all your documents

Custom Types
The best practice is to keep a copy of the custom type in your codebase as it's reflected there in the code. You can read more about that here:

If you have accidentally deleted a custom type, you can retrieve it:

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