Backups and Snapshots - please explain further?

Hi team Prismic!

On your updated pricing page, you now have something called “Backups and Snapshots”, which states “Prismic ensures backups through snapshots of user content.”.

This is only available to Platinum ($500) and Enterprise accounts.

My question is - how do the existing backups work then for all other accounts?

And have you made any changes to how backups were working previously?

Should we be concerned if we are on one of the other accounts?
e.g. if there is a data loss event at your data repository?

The snapshots part of the new functionality makes sense, this would be a useful but non essential feature, as it would allow manual rollbacks or staging of content. But for all other accounts the assumption would be that the content is regularly backed up, so it is always safe in the event of data loss or catastrophic events?


Hey Tim!

As stated in our Security page, in the Data protection section:

Customer backups

Customers are free to comply with additional backup requirements beyond what Prismic provides by using the Export module (starting from the medium plan) or by querying their Repository API endpoint.

You can simply backup all of your content stored on your Prismic repository by querying all of the documents exposed by the API. Note that this will not fetch drafts, archived documents, or assets that are not linked to a document.

And to backup Custom types, the best practice is to keep a copy of the custom type in your codebase as it’s reflected there in the code. You can read more about that here:

If you have accidentally deleted a custom type, you can retrieve it: