Backups and Snapshots (continued)

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Respectfully, I find Prismic's backup options bewildering. Elsewhere in the cloud hosting industry, backups or snapshots can be enabled for $1/mo (DigitalOcean etc).

Prismic offers a generous amount of storage for their lower plans. If CDN overage is just $0.10/GB, why do backups need to cost $500/mo?

I really like Prismic, as do my clients, but this gives me pause from using it further. How can I as a provider hand-over a product that doesn't offer a reasonable means to ensure their data isn't completely lost?

Your security page lists the following but it doesn't distinguish that this feature is based on your plan:

Backups and data recovery
Prismic ensures backups through snapshots and retains them on a pre-established rule set in Amazon S3 buckets (Amazon's highly available cloud storage). Backups are used to restore a customer’s content Repository in the case of multiple disk failures or total data center loss. Amazon S3 repositories are distributed amongst multiple Availability Zones (data centers) and multiple devices within each Availability Zone for redundancy. From here, Prismic is able to perform granular level recovery.

Can you please clarify here which customers are covered in the restoration?

And from the previous community post, this is offered:

Customers are free to comply with additional backup requirements beyond what Prismic provides by using the Export module ( starting from the medium plan ) or by querying their Repository API endpoint.

But what is the utility of querying the Repository API if you can't import it into Prismic in the event of a disk failure?

I'm sure customers would opt-in for back-ups as an add-on if it was offered at a reasonable price.

Or perhaps Prismic could at least ensure that DIY "Customer backups" could be recovered manually, with guidance on a technique?

Thank you for your consideration.


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We have restoration processes for the whole platform as per our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans. However, we only contractually guarantee backups and recovery for Platinum and Enterprise customers. In the unlikely event of a major disruption resulting in a data loss, we are able to recover data from snapshots in priority for Enterprise clients (Recovery Point Objective of 1 day) and Platinum (Recovery Point Objective 7 days).

I hope that clarifies,


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