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my client for whom I am making a site with Nextjs would like to know if there is a backup system. I saw on the rates that there is a backup system for $500/month. Is there anything cheaper? Otherwise how does this backup system work? is it monthly ? we need to do it manually ?
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Hey @guillaume4, at the moment, the backup system you saw on the pricing page is for enterprise-level plans.

However, as you mentioned, you can perform a manual backup of your content by querying all the documents the API exposed. This will back up all your content stored in the Prismic repository except for drafts, archived documents, or assets not linked to a document.

To clarify, this manual backup process must be performed regularly to ensure you have the most up-to-date backup of your content. You can set up a schedule to perform backups at regular intervals, or perform them manually as needed.

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Hey Pau, thanks for the answer. I imagine there is a doc for that ?
What if my client want to subscribe to the plan with the backup, when the backup is done ? 1/month ?

We don't have documentation for this, but if you're interested in subscribing to a premium plan, you can ask the sales team any questions related to this topic.

In general. Backup & Snapshots are only used as an escalation procedure in the case of an incident on Prismic's side affecting customers' data integrity.

But customers can restore documents following a human mistake thanks to the version history in the Writing Room. Also, customers are responsible for keeping track of Custom Types changes using Environments and the Custom Types API

Thanks you @Pau, i will inform my client !

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