Make it easier to keep up with Prismic!

I work with an in-house team of three developers, each of whom work in Prismic every day. I want them to know the latest and greatest about Prismic, but it's harder than it should be for them.

I know of a variety of places to learn about Prismic, but each has some limitations. I want to list out what I'm aware of (with feedback):

  • Intercom module inside the Prismic UI. I haven't had success with this channel; the quality of support seems so much higher here. It seems like this module is staffed by a sales team, which makes sense for a marketing site, but not when Intercom is presented within a product. I tell my team not to use the Intercom module; is there a way to turn it off for our subdomain?
  • Prismic Community. Great for how-to questions, bug reports, etc. Sometimes a good source for best practices, but I'd expect more "best practice" content to be available on demand.
  • Prismic Docs. Decent how-to, but the best practice content could be much better. I'm probably going to have to find an agency who knows Prismic best practices; that's money that could've gone to a Prismic customer success team.
  • Prismic blog. Helpful announcements, but is there really no option to subscribe via email/RSS?
  • Prismic > What's new. Is this still maintained?
  • Prismic Product Meetup > The quality of these is really uneven. The MacStadium/Monogram walkthrough was fantastic (literally a lightbulb moment for how we thought about working in Prismic) but the average meetup isn't worth my team's time. There's not enough useful content for the time the meetup consumes.
  • I just found out about these and attended the first one today. It was really helpful (thank you, @alex.trost!). What is the intended difference between the product meetup and the Twitch broadcasts?

Am I missing any? Is there anywhere that these options are listed out along with what they're best for? It shouldn't have to take someone six-plus months to stumble upon all these. Please make it easier for your users to be your champions!


Hello Dan!

Erik here! I'm the new Community Lead for Prismic and I want to start by thanking you for putting this all together in one place! It looks like you have unearthed just about everything we currently offer and you've made some great points about how we can better organize and deliver it all for your team and others in the community. The good news is that is what the Developer Experience team and I are working to do! We're hard at work and have a number of new initiatives designed to address your points as well as grow our overall community & education efforts. While we work to address your points, I can offer some initial insights below:

The Prismic Community Forum: Look for big changes here in the coming months! You can expect to see us bring more curated content and valuable updates from the team and the community in the coming weeks and months.

Prismic Docs: The team is hard at work consistently improving these and incorporating the feedback from you and others to make them the best they can be.

Prismic Blog: RSS feed is incoming imminently!

What's New: We track all the submissions there. So if you have feature requests, please share them!

Product Meetup: These get better and better with every session, so we hope you'll keep coming back. We also rely heavily on our community to join us and showcase their work. If you or anyone else wants to show off what they are building - don't hesitate to reach out to me! Either here, or email me at Also, we encourage you to sign up for the calendar on the Product meetup site, so you'll never miss seeing an event!

Our Framework Series on We host these monthly series where we update the community on the frameworks they use with Prismic. Currently, we have a monthly event for Next, Nuxt, and Gatsby. During these events we highlight updates from the framework, updates from Prismic, any changes to the plugin (see our GitHub), provide demos, and showcase members of the community. It is a great way to keep up to date with everything and ask our team questions live! The difference between these and the Product meetup is that we use these to put Prismic in the context of your framework of choice.

Regarding Intercom: Your feedback has been passed along and I'll follow up asap.

Finally, once more I want to thank you for taking the time to highlight all of our current offerings and providing feedback for each. We absolutely want to make is easier for you to champion us and I truly believe you'll find it far easier to do so in the coming months. As always, if you have any other insights or want to share your work, don't hesitate to reach out!