Media Library - Image Upload Error

Hello! We are having issues uploading images to the Media Library. The upload progress is stuck at 0% and we're getting an error in the console.

We've tried a few remedies like using different browsers, disabling ad blocker, clear cookies, etc. Our client just notified us that the problem has been going on for a few weeks now. I've attached a couple of screenshots!

Hello Cole, welcome to the Community, and thanks for sharing this with us.

Could you please send me the URL of your repository (via dm if you prefer) so we can do a test on our side?


Hi Paulina! Thank you :slight_smile: I'll DM you the URL to the repository.

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Hello Cole, I just wanted to check back in to ask you if it would be possible to send us the Image that is causing you problems.

I hope you're doing great. Thanks

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We're experiencing the same issue. Can you please help, all gifs loading to the image library are set at 0%.

Hi Kirsten,

Welcome to the community!

Are you still experiencing this issue? If so can you tell me if you are optimising your gifs before upload? Because this can cause problems:


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