New Website: ANA Architects

  1. Website URL -

  2. A screenshot of the site

  1. Technologies used - Gatsby, Prismic, Netlify.

  2. Industry - Architecture and Planning.

  3. Utilizes Slice Machine? - No.

  4. Time to build - 2 months.

  5. An interesting feature or challenge you solved for -
    ANA desired a website infused with creativity and an artistic touch. Our main hurdle was to strike a balance between artistic appeal and conversion optimization. The design emanates confidence and self-assurance, while the development significantly enhances performance, enabling ANA to surpass competitors in the local market.


It looks great @asteriasoft02, thank you for sharing it with the community!

Keep up the great job, and we're here to support you along your journey.


This is real slick. I love the way the images are laid out as makes the buildings all seem even more impressive!

Looking sharp! Love the packshot effort~ :smiling_face: