Number field won't register typing

Hi all,

I've had this issue lots of times and have resourced to using 'select' as opposed to 'number' because of that. Here's the issue:

— Whenever I type out a number, either by pressing the number on my keyboard, clicking the up/down arrows on the input field, pressing up and down arrows on my keyboard, the change simply don't register. The 'Unpublish' button doesn't change to a 'Save' button, nothing ever happens. If I change something else it works (say, putting a space in a field and then erasing it) and then I can properly save/publish.
— Setting the min value to 0 still allows for infinite negative inputs, but setting min as -1 limits to -1;
— Whenever I use my numeric keypad (I'm on a Macbook Pro 2016, using an Apple Magic Keyboard 2) no keys are registered when typing. I've searched the forum and it appears another used has had the same problem. This is minor and not as nearly as serious as the first problem!

Hope it gets fixed sometime soon!

Hello Frederico, welcome to the Community.

This is a known issue. We've mentioned the status of it in a different thread. Please refer to it to get updates on this one:


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