Unable to input number in number field with keypad

I am unable to enter number in a number field on a document using the numpad. The normal digit keys work fine.

Example (working):
event.key = 9
event.code = Digit9
event.location = 0 (general keys)

Example (not working):
event.key = 9
event.code = Numpad9
event.location = 3 (numpad)

Hi Haraldur,

Welcome to Prismic community, I will report this issue to our dev team and we will get back to you ASAP.


Well I’ve tried to reproduce the issue with a keyboard with a numpad on chrome Version 83.0.4103.106 but is seems to be working fine.

Can you try to update your browser or try another browser? if that doesn’t solve the issue can give us the version of the browser you are using as well as a video recording of the issue if possible.

Hi Fares. We’re using the same browser version and are able to reproduce the issue on Firefox as well.

We have tested two different keyboards as well - the issue persists.

However, I have now also tested this on a Macbook Pro, using the same keyboards and everything works fine there. So it seems to apply only to Windows machines.

Edit: Just to add, there are no console errors in Chrome.