Orphaned Document returned by API but not Accessible via Prismic Writing Room


The problematic document described in the subject line pertains to the tugo.com repository. It has id = "YfRKChEAACQA3g2_"

and is of type job-posting. The API returns this document but we have no ability to modify it via the Prismic Writing Room. We actually want to unpublish/archive it but are unable to do so from the Prismic UI. The document may have been corrupted at the database level in such a way that prevents it from showing up in the Writing Room, please assist. Thank you in advance.


Hi @klum

Thanks for reaching out.

Can you please provide your repository name, a link to the document with the problem, and a screen recording of the issue (in a private message if necessary)? Once I get this info, I will try to investigate.

Looking forward to your reply,