Page UID limit of 50 characters

Previously. In some cases I used an UID with more than 50 characters and now I am limited to just 50, which loses the standardization of the links I used before. Is there a method to remove this limit?

In this case, I noticed that when returning to the Legacy Editor this limit does not exist, so it is still possible to use long UIDs, it is just more complicated than before

give me briefly description to solve this issue.I have face same issue

Screenshot 2024-01-02 185253

In this case, in the Prismic Editor, I go to the three points in the top right corner and click on Legacy Builder, so it returns to the legacy builder, and there is no character limit, so I just type the desired UID and click to save, after that I return to the documents page and then re-enter to editing the page, with this I will return to the new page builder and the UID will already be set, if I need to edit the uid again I will need to go to the legacy editor again

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Hi @Th1rty,

We have just deployed a new version to remove the limit of 50 characters on the UID.
This should be resolved now, let us know in case you still encounter an issue.

Thank you,

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