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I was trying to upload a test site to a shared hosting that clearly uses FTP, I was seeing what were the possibilities of being able to upload the php template there, since it uses composer, etc. Any solution or tip to do it? I was seeing that you can use something like phpshell to run composer, but I would like to know what options there are.

Thanks for the help!

Hey Julian, welcome to the Prismic community!

I'm not sure fully I understand your use case, if you give me some more details we can figure out a solution for this together :vulcan_salute:

Where are you trying to upload your site?

You're using Prismic with your the PHP-kit, is that right?

Hey paulina! Thanks for the help!

So im using the prismic php template and just for testing things i want to deploy the app that i made to a cheap FTP server. The php kit is using composer and another tools so i wanted to know if is possible to deploy the app on a ftp server (shared hosting) and the steps to do it.

Thanks for help!! :pray:

Ok I see.

So, at the moment the only documented recommendation we have to deploy PHP projects is by using Heroku, have you tried it before?

Our two example PHP projects (The Multi-Page Site and the Sample Blog) also recommend these same steps:

Deploy & go live with Heroku

Once you have successfully signed up and installed the Heroku toolbelt:

Create a file with the name Procfile at your application root. Put the following code in the Procfile file:

web: vendor/bin/heroku-php-apache2 public

Create a new Heroku application

heroku create

Initialize a new Git repository

git initheroku git:remote -a your-heroku-app-name

Commit your code to the Git repository and deploy it to Heroku

git add .git commit -am "make it better"git push heroku master   

Ensure you have at least one node running

heroku ps:scale web=1  

You can now browse your application online

heroku open    

Let me know if Is this useful for you :surfing_man:

yeap i try heroku is perfect! but for the moment i need to see if is possible to deploy it on an FTP server, thanks anyway for the help!

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