Please fix: GeoPoint UX is flawed

Hey guys - my editorial team has been running into an ongoing issue in the writing room. I've seen a few posts about this, but no real answers from your end.

As you scroll down the page, if your cursor scrolls over any of the GeoPoint fields, the coordinates on the map change. This has been causing quite a few issues on our front-end display as it's very hard to notice when these coordinates are changed.

I think it's very necessary to have the zoom disabled on scroll - the suggestion I saw thrown out there, which I think is a good one would be pressing Control + Scroll to activate this when hovering over the map.

Side bar - the 'Leaflet' map display also doesn't work (no map appearing, just white box).

Please provide an update when possible - very much appreciate you looking into this!

GeoPoint editing issues - Map is Blank duplicate they are working on a solution


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