Preview using Nuxt.js

Could you explain what are the steps to perform in order to enable previews on my website using Nuxt.js as I find the documentation no very explicit for this framework ?

Thank you very much,

Hi @jean,

To enable previews, first add a preview environment in your repository. I recommend leaving the preview route as /preview, the default.

If you have already added your repo to the config file in your Nuxt project, everything should now be ready to go.

If you're using a different preview route, you'll need to specify that in the nuxt.config.js. You can find info on how to do that, and more information about how Previews work, in the @nuxtjs/prismic module documentation:

Let me know if that works for you. If not, send me your project files in a GitHub repo or ZIP file, and I can help you debug. (You can send your files in a DM if you like.)


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