Using @nuxtjs/prismic with an old repository

I'm coming back to do some updates on a site that was initially launched a couple of years ago. Prismic have made lots of changes since then, in particular the edit/preview scripts.

My repo is still showing instructions for the old window.prismic approach and the @nuxt/prismic module fails to load the edit/preview button.

Are older repositories compatible with the @nuxt/prismic module? Or does the repo need to be upgraded somehow in order to enable the newer features?

Thanks in advance

Hi Team,

Welcome to the community!

The @nuxt/prismic module doesn't support the old preview scripts like you guessed. I can upgrade you repo easily for you if you provide me with the URL.


Hey Phil,

Excellent news! The repo in question is

Top work on the @nuxtjs/prismic module too. Is a vast improvement on the old preview scripts.


This should be activated now, just check your preview section in your repo settings. If you see ?new=true in the URL then you have the new toolbar.


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