Primic API return 500 from one second to another


I am using prismic in combination with gatsby and from one moment to another the GraphQL API is returning 500 errors.
I would assume that I’ve not broken the queries since it’s a 5xx and not 4xx which would indicate that I did a client mistake.

I’ve the feeling that the error is related to that I’ve added a type called Meta in my repository.

`Schema does not pass validation. Violations:\n\nType name 'Meta' is used for several conflicting GraphQL ObjectTypes based on different classes. Conflict found in a field 'node' of 'MetaConnectionEdge' type. One possible fix is to use ObjectTypeName like this: deriveObjectType[Foo, Bar](ObjectTypeName(\"OtherBar\")) to avoid that two ObjectTypes have the same name.`

I already deleted the type, but the error does still exist. How can I fix that?


Hi Chris,

I’m sorry to hear you are having this issue. You were right to delete the Meta type that you created which cause this conflict. I suspect the issue now is related to an issue some people where having with Types not fully deleting.

I can check this for you in your send me a private message with your repo URL.