Problem with the Export

Dear Support,

I am trying to export our data but it's not working anymore since a few days.
(Using Chrome)

Thank you for the fix/help

Hey Bastien, welcome to the Community!

What exactly isn't working on your side?

Usually if you are not able to see the exported docs in the here link anymore, you should just click Done and then re do the export again.

if you've already done this and the error persists please share with me the URL of your repo in a private DM so i can investigate further.


We have the exact same problem. Export is completed but when I click on the here link nothing happens. Looking at the Console log in chrome it seems there is a mix of secure and unsecure content

Mixed Content: The site at 'https://[repository]' was loaded over a secure connection, but the file at 'https://[repository]' was redirected through an insecure connection. This file should be served over HTTPS. This download has been blocked. See for more details.

Workaround I have found
Open a new tab on the same browser. and navigate to this URL directly

Hello @ahmad.atighechi welcome to the Community!

Thanks a lot for sharing the logs of the browser.
Could you please share with the me URL of your repo via dm so I can do a check on my side?

Thanks a lot

Hello again, we were able to reproduce this and it's now being tracked as an open issue. Whenever we have news about any changes, we'll inform everyone in this thread.

To fix this, right now, you just need to right-click on the here 'Open link in a new tab', this will download the zip file without a problem.

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