Problems with Structuring Project / struggling with slices

I'm building a company website and it's the second time I'm working with prismic, so basic knowledge is there but very limited, therefore I'm completely overwhelmed with these slices. I don't know how I should start setting up the project so that it would make sense. Should i create a slice called "project" that holds all of the project's information like image, description and whatnot and then create variations of that that look different and then use them on different parts of the website? or should i dissect the project site as well and have many different components and then use them on a page individually? Furthermore, some variation of a slice that I've already deleted still show up in my console and mess with the layout. Why do these still show up? Please, I need help. I find it hard to explain what I need, so I took some pictures of my design to give you an overview. Thanks for your help.

Bildschirmfoto 2024-03-23 um 21.22.43

edit: with automated slider I mean that the project title, description and image keep on changing after 5s or so, and the "Mehr sehen" should then lead to the project website. Another thing to tackle, creating a slider.

Hello @carlo_ettisberger

Just another Prismic user saying "hi." Your screenshots look nice.

When I setup a project, one of the first questions I ask myself is how complicated of a navigation will be necessary. Usually some simple links will be fine, but if you need anything more complicated, you might want to look at this Prismic post. I just did for a project I'm about to submit to a client.

Beyond that, I tend to think of the elements that are most common in a site:

  1. Hero
  2. RichText
  3. Image with Text (Left-Right Variations)
  4. FAQ

A Figma (or other) design helps to break the page into these "slices."

I don't speak German, but I am willing to try to help. If you'd like, feel free to private message me.


Hey there, thanks for your answer:) the navigation is quite straightforward i would assume, my biggest problem is that i don't know how to use slices:) but I'll go through some more tutorials. And thanks for your offer, if I'm completely stuck I'd be thankful for some inputs:)


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To me, slices are the main selling point for Prismic. The Slice Machine is gravy for the developer. It will click for you, but I'll be here. ;)