Published by username wrong

I just noticed that the "Published by" user displayed in the Prismic UI is wrong. I log in as one user, publish a document and it displays as if another user had published the document (the author). This is pretty bad as it destroys any kind of accountability and usefulness for that feature.

Hi @shox.cms.content

Thanks for reaching out.

Can you please provide some screen recordings/screenshots that showcase this issue?

This is what shows up in the Document when I publish/unpublish it:
Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 12.47.32

This is the author of the original document, not the user logged in.

This is the user I'm logged in with:

What I should see in the document is "Published by P92 Developer" instead of "Published by István Somorjai".

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Hi @shox.cms.content,

In fact, what you are seeing here is that the last person who edited the document is the person who is listed as the publisher.

This is the current behaviour, but we have an open feature request to change this. This is not being worked on at the moment; if/when that changes, we'll update you here.