Published slice change not available to content editors

We have created a few custom slices with the slice machine and published them, where the content editors can use them in pages.

However a slice we created today is not available in the list of slices, despite the changes being published.

As a test, I made a small change to both this new slice and an existing slice and published them.
The change to the existing slice is present, but the new slice is still not available for selection.

What might the issue be?
How can I debug this?

Nevermind, did not read my own documentation.
I missed a step. Needed to add the slice to the slice zone for pages.

E.g. In Slice Machine

  • click Page Types
  • click Page
  • click Update Slice Zone
  • find the slice and check it
  • click save
  • click Save to File System
  • click Changes
  • Publish Changes