Release Week Introductions Thread!

Hey Prismic People!

Hi all! my name is Erik and I am the Community Lead here at Prismic. With Release Week in full swing and the Forum being completely re-imagined, I think there is no better time to introduce yourself (or re-introduce yourself) to the community and the team here at Prismic. Drop a comment below and introduce yourself by sharing:

:wrench: What you are building in Prismic

:heart: What's your favorite or most used Prismic Feature?

:world_map: A little bit about yourself and where you are in the world!



I'll go first!

:wrench: I'm building the community here at Prismic and the new Forum experience is my most recent effort!

:heart: My favorite Prismic feature is the new Slice Machine! I see a lot of folks dramatically speeding up their builds and improving their workflows.

:world_map: I am here in NYC and I am spending the summer seeing every zoo, aquarium, and public museum I can!


Hi all! I'm the content lead on the DevX team here at Prismic.

:wrench: Right now I'm working with our team to launch some awesome improvements to our blog. Can't wait for you to see them!

:heart: Of course, I love Slices. As a developer, I love the efficiency of having something like components from my code in my content. As a content person, I love being able to build pages and posts rapidly without having to worry too much about fixing things or making them look on-brand.

:world_map: I am currently based in Texas!

Can't wait to hear more about some of you in the community!


Hey folks! I'm Alex, lead of the DevX team.

:wrench: I work on different forms of content, as well as ways to stay engaged with the community to make sure you're getting the best Dev experience we can provide.

:purple_heart: In addition to building things for work, I build all sorts of stuff in my free time with Prismic. I run events for a Twitch show through Prismic, and I'm currently looking to build my newsletter with Slices, too! The flexibility of Custom Types and Slices has so many great applications.

:world_map: I'm over here in Connecticut, USA!


Hey everyone! I'm Angelo, Senior Developer Experience Engineer on Prismic's DevX team. You may have seen my blue "A" avatar on GitHub or elsewhere. :wink:

:wrench: Along with the rest of the team, I build libraries and tools for developers using Prismic, like @prismicio/client and @prismicio/next.

:heart: Hmm… my favorite Prismic feature… Probably previews. Getting previews to work with Jamstack sites can be challenging, but we've managed to do it, even in static Gatsby sites! My real answer is Slices, but I don't want to give the same answers as above. :stuck_out_tongue:

:world_map: Born and raised in Hawaii. :call_me_hand:


Hi! Lucie here~

I work as a Developer Experience Engineer at Prismic and I'm also a :sparkles: Nuxt Contributor & Ambassador :sparkles:

:wrench: At Prismic I create and maintain SDKs and our open-source ecosystem alongside with my team. I also maintain Prismic Community 11ty SDK for fun :balloon: I use Prismic myself for my website :framed_picture:

:heart: I'm really fond of Prismic previews! While they can be sometimes nasty to debug or implement for some frameworks, when everything goes alright they are such a blessing compared to regular "staging/draft-like" preview systems.

:world_map: French :baguette_bread: living in the North of France, near Belgium~



I'm Nouha
I'm also part of the Prismic team, for 4 years now :v:
Right now, I'm mainly working on the Prismic website with @samuel.horn :purple_heart:
I'm originally from Morocco and currently, I live in Paris, France :fr:

Fun fact about me: I have a twin sister, we came to Paris together 9 years ago :two_women_holding_hands:


Hi everyone! I enjoyed watching today's Prismic Release Week Meetup and figured I might as well introduce myself.

:wrench: I am new to Prismic, but I've completely fallen in love with the combination of Prismic and Next.js. Right now, I'm working on my own company's new website, and I have some other projects lined up after the summer that I can't wait to get started on.

:heart: My first thought goes to the concept of slices and the Slice Machine. It's a pleasure to work with. I'd also like to mention the preview feature, releases, and the great content you provide on your website and here in the forum.

:world_map: I'm located in the northern parts of Norway. I've been working professionally with building websites and web applications for the last 15 years. Almost a year ago, I decided to start my own company and work as a consultant. This gave me freedom to explore new technologies, Prismic being one of them.

I'm hoping to stick around, and I'm looking forward to seeing all the great things that are yet to come :tada:


Hi :wave: everyone I'm Daniel and I work as a mid level Full Stack Developer

:wrench: Helping juniors migrate from v5 of the prismic client to v6 as well as planning a future project that contains slicemachine, big-commerce and elastic search.

:heart: The feature I'm loving the most is the slice machine. I can't believe how quick I got a project built and shipped. The previews are fantastic and was able to avoid the overhead of storybook

:world_map: Im located in the forever sunny Cornwall :sun_behind_rain_cloud: in the UK. I recently had a holiday in :fr: and I am now currently trying to remember how to program in TypeScript.


Hey community!

I'm Samuel.

I work as a Creative Developer here at Prismic, and have been doing so for the last 6 months. Currently working on creating new front-ends for our different sites :man_technologist:

I'm totally in love with Slice Machine :pizza:, and the way Prismic goes about managing content for web sites, but now also helps you to actually build them, thanks to Slice Machine.

Also got to shout out the prismic-ts-codegen again. Makes building so much more fun somehow.

I'm representing Prismic from :sweden: :cold_face:


Hello everyone, I'm Pau, part of the Education Team at Prismic!

:wrench: I write and maintain the documentation for all the technologies that work with Prismic and support the community with its projects. :woman_technologist: :man_technologist: :technologist:

:heart: To me, Prismic is what it is thanks to Slices :pizza:. Connecting Slices and front-end components makes it easy for content editors to wrap up to the idea of being able to create modular containers as independent components that can be used and reused.

:world_map: I'm Mexican :mexico: but I like working from many parts of the world! :earth_americas: :compass:


Hey Daniel! Thanks for sharing! We can't wait to hear about the future project!

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Hey Kim!

Welcome to Prismic! It sounds like you have an exciting summer planned! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions as you get up to speed!