Schedule content in an automated fashion (cron)

I have a collection for Church Services that I would like some services to be added automatically for regular services that happen most weeks.

A bit like a cron job to automate every calendar week adding the 4 services to the collection and then the user could go in and amend if they are moved and/or cancelled.

Is there any way to achieve this with Prismic?

Hello @webdev2

Thanks for reaching out to us.

You can schedule a publish a document at any specific time and date and also schedule a release to be published in the future.

Here is an article for the same Draft, Plan, and Schedule Content - Prismic

Is this something you are looking for? If not, I'd like to know more about your case.


Thanks for your reply.

So, the Church has regular services everyweek such as Eucharist. I don't want them to have to add these manually as having to add that content every week is busy work, especially as it is pretty much always the same.

I'd love to automate this hitting the api and adding content with the standard template of this type of content. The client would then be able to go in and edit say a Eucharist in April if the time and details change, or delete it etc, but know that the content is added by the system automatically.

Previously I would have done with with a cron job or I was thinking about creating a Lamda function that hit the api to add this content

Also extra services that are not regular - say a memorial service would be added manually using the Prismic CMS.

Is that any clearer?

Hello @webdev2

Thanks for more detail and clarification.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to add content by hitting the API for the moment as Prismic doesn't have a write API. We have already discussed it internally and tracking it as a feature request for future improvements.


ah, thats disappointing. I'll have to rework and downgrade what I was doing for now.

Is there anyway to bulk insert content? So I can say add these regular services quarterly?


@webdev2 I agree that this is disappointing. Here is a detailed discussion about write api.

To bulk insert content in Prismic, you can use our Import/Export feature. The Import/Export tool is available starting on the Medium Plan. More about pricing.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Unfortunately this is a community Church website. There is no way they could afford anything other than the community version of your software.

I will go back to them and explain we will have to take another route.

Thanks for your support.

@webdev2 I am happy to help you. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Is there anyway to do repeating data?

So if I have an event that repeats once a week or every two weeks - is there anyway to schedule the same post to be added like this?

Hello @webdev2

You can schedule the publication of a new document or changes to a document. Learn more about scheduling and previews. You can also check our article Draft, Plan, and Schedule Content that link I shared with you before.