Shopify Integration Fields Troubleshooting guide

There might be some common configuration mistakes that cause your integration fields not to work as you'd expect:

Case 1 [Connected to the wrong catalogue]:
This may be a case of a copy and paste mistake. Make sure the id of the catalogue in the Custom Type you're using, matches that of the updated catalogue.

Case 2 [Sync Error]:
Go to your Integration Fields settings in the Prismic dashboard and see if it's synchronised or if there are any errors, the status codes will help you see what's wrong. If there are no errors you'll see the last time it was updated. Check the error on your side.

Case 3 [403's]:

  1. If this is for Shopify catalogues, then usually, the issue might be due to the fact that you need to give 'all access' to 'Integration fields' when creating your Shopify app. Make sure that all the Admin API permissions are set to Read Access or Read and Write access.

  1. When configuring the integration with the Shopify catalogue, Make sure that your API Endpoint is in the following format: It should be without HTTPS. Otherwise, An error occurs during synchronization.

  2. If it's not Shopify it's a problem in your code.

This is not a support thread, if we find any other tips for troubleshooting your Integration Fields configuration we'll add them here. If you have any suggestions to add to the list, flag the topic and we'll add the extra info.

For support questions, please create a new topic and we'll get to it asap. :slightly_smiling_face:

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